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To an old friend,

I miss you.

I think enough time has passed that I can write that on my blog without worrying that you would see it. But yeah, that’s the truth, I miss you.

I don’t think you understand, or if anyone understands the importance you had in my life. I say it a lot, but before we became friends I just wasn’t in my prime I guess you can say.You were the person who helped me climb out of that hole I had been in for so long and I honestly believe that meeting you was the best thing that happened to me because you brought me back to life, you were the thing I needed to be me again. You taught me how to open up more and become more confident with myself. When I first met you, you would laugh… a lot, with anything I said. Little did I know…that was just your personality and you laugh at just anybody hahah. But your laugh tricked me in to thinking I was funny, which made me comfortable to act like a total goof around you. When I used to force you to walk me to class and I would just start singing to you randomly changing around the lyrics to fit with whatever we were doing. You opened me up to be more of myself, something so few can do, especially at that time of my life. We became such close friends, it was so easy to let you in. For always being my shoulder to cry on when I would complain about my love life. For visits at 12 in the morning with Brandon to take me out at night to forget everything. For spending New Years with me because you knew it wouldn’t be good for me to be alone. You were a good friend to me and I won’t ever forget that.

But why couldn’t we stay friends? I didn’t know how to bounce back from that. How could two people be considered friends when all they did was hurt each other? I can’t help that I got hurt from everything I read. Even if you were just saying it in the heat of the moment, the fact that you even thought those things to begin with hurt like hell. I tried to be a good friend to you, but I just kept failing at it and that made me feel super crummy. It was too hard being your friend when I was hurting you and at the same time you were hurting me with your words.

I don’t know how to be the friend you need sometimes. I tried hard in the way that I knew how, but it didn’t seem good enough for you. I didn’t know how to make you feel important amongst the other friends that I did have. I’m sorry I couldn’t be a better friend to you. I wish I could have been more vocal, been better at texting.

I’m not mad at you, I honestly don’t have anything against you. To me you’re still the person who was a really good friend, someone who I got along with so well, so fast and just so easy. But I guess we just weren’t meant to continue in each others lives because all we did was cause each other hurt.

I wish you to be happy, I really do. To find happiness in each day and to become super successful in life.


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So we were able to change the date of our Vegas trip with the 20% discount! Our trip is now set to July 19-22! We get to see zedd!!! That part is pretty exciting mwuhahahaha, but I’m more excited for the food adventures I’ve been yelping all day HAHAHA.

Okay so like I’m in a situation…sigh. I wish we had guys going with us to Vegas. I mean I want to invite our guy friends to make sure we are okay you know? But at the same time I’m not sure I trust my friends to begin with, like trust them not to take advantage. I dunno. Sigh pie what to do?!?!

It hurts the most when the person that made you feel special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today.

it’s JAMBA JUICE season!!!!! 

lol I dunno why…..but I am craving jamba juice, must be the weather.


natural hair goals 2k14


natural hair goals 2k14

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Hanh, LInnie, and Chris visited me at work today(:

Thanks guys~ weekdays are boringggggggggg.

I think I’m just really tired of being taken for granted.